There are tens of thousands of Scouting alumni living in the Mid-South.  Did you ever play in the mud at Camp Currier, go for a swim in the South Fork River, or hike up the hill at Camp Tallaha?  Maybe your Scouting experience was in a town or city outside of the Mid-South?  There is no doubt that your experience was as meaningful no matter where you called yourself a Scout.


How can you get involved?  There are lots of meaningful ways to help young people. 


Consider these examples:

  • Serve on the staff for a district camporee or council event
  • Sit on an Eagle Scout board of review
  • Become a merit-badge counselor
  • Help sit on the Chickasaw Council Golf Tournament Committee
  • Give strategic direction to the camping committee
  • Host a fundraising event at your home
  • Help find goods and supplies for camp

If you would like more information on how to re-engage locally, please email The Chickasaw Council Director of Field Services at or go to