University of Scouting

Courses and Descriptions

The following is a list of University of Scouting classes available. The courses marked with an asterisk (*), are perfect for adults as well as any 14+ year-old Scout or Den Chief in your unit. Invite a few from your troop to join you at University of Scouting!

Cub Scout Emphasis Training

Introduction to Cub Scouting (1 hour) - this course is an introductory session for new Cub Scout parents and leaders. It highlights the values, aims, funding, and methods of Scouting.

Cub Scout Advancement (1 hour) - this course offers ways to encourage and track Cub Scout advancements.

Meeting/Planning Ins' & Outs' Cub Scouts (1 hour) - this course covers how to plan Cub Scout meetings in a way to keep the program interesting.

*Ceremonies for Dens & Packs (1 hour) - whether it's Openings, Crossovers, Advancements, Closings or Flag Etiquette, it will all be covered in this course.

Planning Your Pack Program & Activities (1 hour) - learn how to use monthly themes, district and Council events, and other resources for a dynamic full year of exciting and meaningful Cub Scouting in your Pack.

Recruiting and Retaining Cub Scout Leaders (1 hour) - recruiting and retaining Cub Scout Leaders... Do you know any good leaders? Want to keep them? Here's how to recruit and hang on to good leaders in your Pack and make them want to stay.

Recruiting and Joining Nights (1 hour) - successful Packs make recruiting Cub Scouts a year-round process. Learn how to recruit all year long and to make the most out of your recruiting events.

Webelos to Scout Transition (1 hour) - Webelos to Scout Transition... Our most important job as Cub Scout leaders is to prepare our boys for Boy Scouting. Learn how to assist your Scouts and their parents in making the most important transition in their Scouting career. Emphasis is on the Arrow of Light requirements for Webelos and how to find the “right” Troop for each Scout.

Camping With Cub Scouts (1 hour) -Keep the “outing” in Scouting - Topics include what’s available through the Council and Districts, safety, planning and registering for camping opportunities.

*Campfire Programs for Cub Scouts(1 hour) Create fantastic campfire programs using songs, storytelling, stunts, run-ons and more.

 *Cub Scout Crafts(1 hour) Learn fun and easy crafts for your den meetings.

 *How we have Fun! (1 hour) - Great ideas to keep your Cub Scout meetings fun.

 Pack Meetings by the Book (1 hour) - Program themes- where they come from, how to use them, and how to add pizzazz to your program with costumes, props, decorations, and your imagination.

Understanding the New Packmaster (1 hour) - A practical orientation to this effective support software for Packs. Learn what it can do for you and how to use it.

Training for the Pack Trainer (2 hour) - Learn what you need to know to train your Pack volunteers how to be the best that can be.

Cubmaster Training (2 hour) - Learn what you need to know to be an effective Cubmaster.

Pack Committee Chair and Committee Training (2 hour) - – Learn what is needed for an effective Pack Committee.

Tiger Cub Den Leader Specific (2 hour) - Plan a grrrreat Tiger year! We’ll discuss activities, advancement, meeting planning, and a ton of the resources available to help you do it. Combine this course with Youth Protection, Fast Start, and This is Scouting and you will be fully trained.

Wolf and Bear Leader Specific (2 hour) - A ton of great ideas to take you through the planning for a spectacular Wolf and Bear year! We’ll cover activities, advancement, meetings, and the resources to help you do it. 

Webelos Leader Specific (2 hour) - Webelos is a fascinating time, providing age appropriate programs while preparing the boys for their Boy Scouting future.We’ll show you how to make the Webelos years fun and successful.  Combine this course with Youth Protection, Fast Start, and New Leaders Essentials and you will be fully trained.

Helping Cub Scouts with Disabilities Succeed (1 hour) -  Learn how to effectively involve all Cub Scouts and their families regardless of their abilities. 

Whittling Chip (1 hour) - Cub Scouts love to carve wood! Learn about the care and handling of pocket knives, the requirements of the whittlin'. chip, and simple carving ideas to introduce the fun of whittling to your Scouts.

Ready, Aim, Fire -Cub Scout BB Gun and Archery Training (3 hour) - Learn about recent changes to the BB Gun and Archery shooting in Cub Scout Programs. Participants will become certified to operate a BB gun and Archery range for District and Council events. 

Budget "wise" Troop and Crew Camping (1 hour) -  Wisdom. Plan short and long term camping. Affordable trips planned with imagination.

Boy Scout and Venturing Emphasis Trainings

From Eagle to Junior Scoutmaster (1 hour) -  How to guide them, train them, utilize them locally, nationally and internationally.

*Youth run and Adult guided Troops (1 hour) -How do we allow youth to run a troop while we coach from afar? This session will give you some tips.

The New Scout Patrol (1 hour) - This session will show the need of better communications between parents, the boys and the unit. It will outline the materials to be covered in the immediate meeting of the parent and boy with the Scoutmaster and a suggested program of events to encourage timely advancement in rank in the Scout's first year. 

Boy Scout Advancement 101 (1 hour) - Advancement Basics. New Scouters can learn the ins and outs of advancement and veteran Scouters will refresh and renew their unit's advancement process with this course. Get the straight facts on BSA policies and procedures. The Hows and Whys of setting up an Advancement Committee, Boards of Review, requirements for advancement, merit badges, youth awards, Courts of Honor, and adult recognition. Recommended for SM, AS, CC, Advancement Chairs. Helpful for all adult leaders.

The 12 Steps From Life to Eagle (1 hour) -  Set up your Life Scouts for success. Easily navigate the application process, project selection, planning, and execution, Boards of Review, and BSA guidelines by following this 12-step process. Even the appeal process is explored and explained. The Four Steps to Advancement is recommended as a prerequisite. Recommended for SM, AS, CC, Advancement Chairs, and Life to Eagle Coordinators.

 Boards of Review and the Four Steps to Advancement (1 hour) - The BSA advancement process down to four easy steps that will help your unit advance more boys by streamlining the process and increasing your Scouts' desire to achieve. Includes detailed instruction on how to conduct a Board of Review (BOR), when and where to hold a BOR, and who can conduct a BOR. Recommended for SM, AS, CC, Advancement Chairs, Life to Eagle Coordinators, and all adult leaders.

One Step ahead of Troopmaster (1 hour) -A practical orientation to this effective support software for Troops. Learn what it can do for you and how to use it.

*Meeting Planning Ins' & Outs' Boy Scouts (1 hour) - planning Boy Scout meetings to keep the program interesting.

*Meeting Planning Ins' & Outs' Venture Crews (1 hour)  - planning Venture Crew meetings to keep the program efficient and interesting. 

Venture Leader Skills (ALL DAY) – VLSC is a fun, day-long course in the attitudes and skills that good leaders demonstrate, including vision, communication, organization and synergism. VLSC is for youth, by youth! 

Venture Leader Training (3 hour) - the official Venture Crew Leader Specific Training for new and veteran Venture leaders. 

Troop Committee Challenge (3 hour) - Understanding your role in the committee and how you fit into the Troop picture. 

Training New Patrol Leaders (1 hour) - Learn what you need to know to train successful new patrol leaders.

The PLC (1 hour) - working with the PLC and the Troop Leadership – Learn what you need to know for successful interaction between your PLC and Troop Leadership.

*Strengthening your Troop through the Order of the Arrow (1 hour) - Learn the history of the Order of the Arrow (OA) and its tie-in to our council, what the OA is, how to attain membership, and the benefits the OA can bring to a Scout Troop.

*Troop Ceremonies (1 hour) - Bring the Pizzazz Back - Learn the methods and components of impressive, fun and effective Courts of Honor.

Merit Badges Simplified (1 hour) -– Learn simple ways to improve your Troop’s Merit Badge Program. 

*Totin Chip (1 hour) - Wood Carving Merit Badge made Easy – A class on the methods and skills needed to make your Troop’s Totin Chip and Carving Program simple and safe.

*Outdoor Cooking by Patrols (1 hour) - Organize your Troop’s outings for efficient Patrol cooking. 

Getting the Most out of Summer Camp (1 hour) - How to maximize your Troop or Crew’s Summer Camp experience through Merit Badges, older Scout Programs, extra activities and volunteering.

Helping Boy Scouts and Ventures with Disabilities Succeed (1 hour) - Learn the confidence to work with Scouts that have special needs. 

*Chaplain’s Aide (1 hour) - Youth will learn how to best serve their Troop or Crew through the Chaplain’s Aide Position.

*100 Years of Scouting as seen through the Chickasaw Council (1 hour) -  A class on the Chickasaw Council’s involvement in 100 years of the BSA.


Great Trainings for All Scouters

Recognition for Boys and Adults (1 hour) - Part of a successful program is recognizing the Scouts for their achievements and the volunteers for their time and efforts in fun and meaningful ways. We’ll show you how! 

Training Updates (1 hour) - Understanding BSA’s New Training Stucture – Learn what you need to know to understand the new National Training Structure.

 “How To’s” of High Adventure Bases (1 hour) - Have you ever wanted to take your troop to Sea Base, Philmont or Northern Tier but didn't know how? This class will teach you about the process, waiting lists, and due dates.

 High Adventure Alternatives to Philmont (1 hour) - In this course you will learn about additional High Adventure bases on the local and National Level. This will give you an additional option to the always crowded Philmont.

 *Leave No Trace Awareness (2 hour) - An environmental consciousness is probably one of the greatest gifts we can give our Cubs and Boy Scouts. This generation, facing the prospect of alternative fuel needs and global warming,must have a sense of what it takes to maintain the environment we’ve got.

*The Evolution of the Scout Handbook: A Centennial: Scouting has undergone many changes during the past 100 years, and these changes are reflected in the revisions of our handbook. Come learn what elements have been added, have been lost, and remained constant through the past century of Scouting in America.

Introduction to International Scouting (1 hour) - learn about the Scouting Program throughout the world. 

Advanced Fire Building (2 hour) - In this class, you will learn in detail the art of building a bow and drill and flint and steel fire set. Subjects to be covered include, making charred cloth, selecting proper wood, making tinder, carving bow drill spindles and notches and much more. Each participant will leave this class with a Flint and Steel kit or a bow drill of their own. Trainings Emphasizing Cool Skills and Crafts.  NOTE: There will be an additional cost of $20 for this course. This will cover the cost of both of your kits.

*Fire by Friction (1 hour) - Hands on learning on how to make fire using multiple methods other than matches and lighters.

Creative Outings and Field Trips (1 hour) - Learn what you need to know to have easy, but exciting trips outside of your usual meetings. Includes cool ideas right under your nose.

*Dutch Ovens Beyond Cobbler (2 hour) - How to cook much more than peach cobbler. Recipes, demonstration foods and lots of tasting the results! 

*Native American Crafts (1 hour) - Learn about the fascinating world of Native American crafts.

*Tying it all together with Lashing (2 hour) - You’ve mastered your knots, now what? Step by step instruction on lashings. 

*Backpacking 101 (1 hour) - Learn the basics of selecting your personal clothing, equipment and food to make backpacking fun and increase your enjoyment and comfort in the outdoors. 

Rock Climbing Safely (2 hour) -  It’s Fun and Challenging. From Webelos to Venturing, Scouts can enjoy the fun and challenge of climbing. 

*Warm Winter Camping (1 hour) - This course will teach the Scouter how to produce a Unit program that raises the probabilities of a successful Winter Campout. The topics of instruction will cover; outdoor skills of staying warm, the technique of dressing in layers, the importance of menu planning, sleeping bag skills, leader tools to support a structured program.

 *Wilderness Cooking (1 hour) - In this session we will take it beyond the dutch oven. We will learn what Wilderness Survival Merit Badge leaves out.