in the
Chickasaw Council

Making our involvement in the environment a priority.

Are you looking for local conservation happenings?  If so, this is the place to plug in.  Visit often for updates. 



  • Prepare and update the Council Master Conservation Plan
  • Identify project opportunities for Cubs, Scouts  and Venture Scouts
  • Encourage and publicize activities by individuals and units that further the cause of conservation.
  • Briefly describe the benefits of using this service. Change the picture to one of your own, such as a picture of the service.


  • Visit Roundtables
  • Ensure regular offerings of key badges
  • Establish opportunities in:
  • Energy conservation
  • Soil & water conservation
  • Air & water pollution control
  • Resource recovery
  • Hazardous  materials
  • Summer camp opportunities
  • Conservation camporee development

Chickasaw Council
Conservation Committee Members

Chairman Mike Racer, Scouter


George Harvell, Scouter & LNT Master Instructor
Vaughn Cassidy, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Jeremy Palazolo—ex Officio
Jerry Garrett, US Geological Survey
Steve Smith, Shelby Forest State Park
Matt Farr, Shelby Farms Conservancy
Cathy Marcinko, Wolf  River Conservancy
Mike Hamrick, Memphis Light, Gas and Water
Keven Routon, Sierra  Club Conservation Chair
Justin Thayer, Mississippi Wildlife, Fish and Parks