The Cost of Scouting

The most affordable adventure a boy will ever have!

Scouting prides itself on delivering the most bang for your buck.  While program fees are minimal, there are some minimal costs, like any other group activity.


The Chickasaw Council, is a local non-profit organization tasked with providing opportunities for boys to join the Scouting program, and does NOT charge any annual membership fees! Families are encouraged to help support the Chickasaw Council by making an annual a tax-deductable contribution to the Friends of Scouting campaign. Each Unit will have some form of dues structure and/or fundraising plan to cover program expenses such as: camping trips, advancement badges, program supplies, equipment, etc. Many units sell Trails-End popcorn and encourage the boys to pay for their entire year of Scouting in one fundraiser. This can significantly defer most out of pocket expenses. Example of estimated out of pocket expense for parents for a NEW Cub Scout who participates in EVERYTHING available.

$25 – Annual BSA National Membership fee (collected at the local level and transmitted to the national council for support)
$12 – Boy’s Life Magazine
$100 – Uniform – one time (head to toe, hat, scarf, shirt, patches, pants, book)
$100 – Annual Pack Dues (each pack is different and this number may be more or less)
$10-$15 – Pack Camping trip (usually 3-4 a year)
$35-$75 – Council/District camping activity (major event organized for multiple units to attend)
$55-$85 – Cub Scout Summer Day Camp (local)
$125 – Cub Scout resident camp (3 days of overnight camp)

Typically, the MOST a parent would pay out of pocket, without any type of unit fund raising, is $450 to start-up, and $350 after the purchase of a uniform. Roughly $30 - $40 per month.