Council Staff

The Chickasaw Council employs a staff of professionals who manage and support the operations of the Council, covering 17 counties in the Mid-South. Areas are broken down into 8 districts, which are led by leaders and volunteers and supported by Council professionals, called District Executives.

Scout Executive/CEO


Richard Fisher

Scout Executive/CEO




Director of Field Service


Director of Field Service

Field Directors


Andy Hendricks

Field Director, Metro     






Casey Manning

Field Director, Delta Service Area





Below is a list of the Chickasaw Council District Executives. Click here to visit the district pages.

Ken Allen

Eastern District Executive

Rachel Hendricks

Malmaison District Executive

William Alexander

Northwest Mississippi District Director

Kristy Burns

Tallaha District Executive


Thunderbird District Executive

Alex Bienz

Twin Banks District Executive


Washington District Executive

James Malone

Wolf River District Executive


Emerging Markets District Executive

Support Services


Maryann Edgington

Marketing, IT,  & Administration Director



Jeremy Palazolo

Program Director




Support Staff


Danielle Adkins

Executive Assistant

Shanika Bonner

Finance Secretary 

Marc Brinkley

Currier Ranger

Courtney Lewis

Print Shop/Mail Room

Erin Pfaffenroth

Receptionist/Front Counter

Pam Walls



Program Secretary 


Kia Kima Scout Reservation Ranger