Cub Scouts

For boys age 7-10

Although boys can join Scouting any time, Cub Scouts is where it starts for many, at the age of seven or in the first grade, and until the fifth grade. Cub Scouting offers the opportunity to enjoy fun activities, including day camps, field trips, positive adult role models and work and play in small groups of 5-6 that will build teamwork and social skills.

A Cub Scout earns ranks until he crosses over to a Boy Scout, along the way earning his way as a Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelo.

Did you know a Cub Scout can earn more than 65 awards? Whether it’s a rank advancement, Sports or Academics belt loop and pin, or one of the many other individual awards, there is plenty to set your sights on.

To sign up a child for Cub Scouts, first fill out the youth application and contact The Chickasaw Council.

For specific information about what den the child will enter, click here.

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