Council History

Delta Area Council

The Delta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America was established in 1924. The first organizational meeting was held February 26th at the Alcazar Hotel in Clarksdale under the sponsorship of the Clarksdale Rotary Club. Representatives from Coahoma, Quitman, and Bolivar counties were present at the meeting and voted to apply for a council charter, which was received shortly thereafter.

The following May 27, the new council with Oscar Johnson of Clarksdale serving as its first organizational president, employed Everette E. Ballard as Scout Executive of the original Delta District Council.

In July of that first year, the first Boy Scout Camp in the Delta was held at “Jones Pecan Grove” on Moon Lake. The site was located near Lula, and the camp was called “Camp Chisca”.

On October 10, 1924, a fourth county, Tunica, was brought into the council.

In 1925 E. P. Peacock served as President of the Executive Board with the following men working with him:

 Dr. W. M. Merritt  Arthur Martin
 Fred H. Montgomery  W. B. Houston
 Robert E. Bobo  Rev. C. E. Guice
 O. H. Walker  Rev. S. L. Pope
 C. D. Curtis  L. A. Gilliam
 John Dulaney  J. H. Johnson
 J. C. Windham  John V. Lobdell
 A. M. Mallory  Dr. E. R. McLean

The biggest stride of this second year was the purchase of Camp Tallaha, a 165-acre tract near Charleston, Mississippi. The dining hall was built in the Spring of 1925 and the first camp session opened there the following Summer. The camp has operated every summer since the first year.

In 1926, the Delta Council (the word “District” had been dropped from the name) was incorporated under the laws fo the State of Mississippi and fifth county Tallahatchie was voted into the council.

In 1928 the Sea Scout program was begun as a supplement of the Boy Scout program in the Delta and the first annual camporee was held in Clarksdale, under the leadership of R. A. Scott, another group of Scouters also launched the Lone Scout program that year.

In 1929 the size of the council was doubled when the defunct Sunflower Council was merged with the Delta Council into the Delta Area Council. The move brought 12 counties and part of a thirteenth into the council.

Cub Scouting was introduced in 1933, and the original Sea Scout program gradually became the Explorer Scout Program.

Delta Scouts have made an inevitable record for themselves during the past 40 years. Highlights of their service to this section were extensive flood relief work done throughout the area in 1927 and the Sumner-Webb area in 1931, and to the needy in the depression years of 1929 to 1932. In the last 5 years our council has had tremendous growth in membership:

 1959 Membership 5712  1963 Membership  7993 
 1959 Units 251  1963 Units 348
 1959 Staff Members 7  1963 Staff Members 9
 1959 Budget $72,239.99  1965 Budget $107,103.21

1974 - 8911 boys in 413 Units

Growth in camping properties:

A.    J. Hill Scout Reservation (donation – A. J. Hill) Hyde-away Training Center on Desoto Lake (donation – Guy Hyde) AND NOW this spacious Memorial Scout Service Center…….

(Note: Mr. Anderson was an early Executive Board Member)  

 DELTA AREA COUNCIL                                                                             BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA


1. Badges of Rank of:
    A. Cub & Webelos
    B. Scout
    C. Explorer - (Air Explorer - Sea Explorer)
2. Uniforms of:
    A. Cub
    B. Scout
    C. Explorer
3. Insignia of:
    A. Pack Leader and all Assistants
    B. Den Leaders and all Assistants
    C. Webelos Leaders and Assistants
    D. Unit Committeemen
    A. Troop Committee
    B. Scoutmaster and Assistants
    C. Senior Patrol Leader and Assistants
    D. Patrol Leader and Assistant
    E. Scout Insignia of Office F. Troop Chaplain
    G. Leadership Corps Insignia
    H. All Merit Badges of todays program
    A. Leaders and Associates
    B. Insignia of Explorer Officers
    C. Explorer Emergency Service Arm Band
4. District Officer Insignia:
    A. District Commissioner
    B. Assistant District Commissioner
    C. Scout Roundtable Commissioner
    D. Cub Roundtable Commissioner
5. Council:
    A. 1973 Annual Report
    B. Scouting's Future through 1980
    C. Long Range Plan - Statistical Study
    D. Executive Board Meeting Minutes - March 12, 1974
    E. Annual Recognition Banquet Program – February 19, 1974
    F. Golden Anniversary “Buy A Day of Scouting” Brochure.
    G. Golden Anniversary invitation to become an honor unit
    H. Golden Anniversary – 1974 Ruler
    I. Charters of all units who qualified as a Golden Anniversary Honor Unit
    J. Charters of those Units in the Council that are 50 years of age (T – 1 of Benoit, T – 41 of Indianola)
    K. Letter, for the present president of the Council to the president of the Delta Area Council in the year
    of 2024.
    L. Camp Tallaha Patch
    M. Order of the Arrow Patch
    N. Last of Region 5 Round-up Patch.
    O. Golden Anniversary Program
    P. Operation Reach literature and a mug award – (Drug Program)
    Q. Boy Scout Handbook
    R. Program helps for Scouts and Cub
    S. Exploring Magazine
    T. Copy of Boy’s Life Magazine
    U. Invitation to Silver Beaver and Past Presidents Luncheon.
    V. District Officers
    W. Project SOAR for 1974
6. Southeast Region:
    A. Boypower ’76 Achievement Report (showing the council had met its goal as of March 31, 1974)
    B. Southeast Region Patch
7. Newspapers:
    “The Commercial Appeal,” Memphis, Tenn. 3 May 1974
    “The Delta Democrat Times,” Greenville, Miss. 3 May 1974
    “The Clarksdale Press Register,” Clarksdale, Miss. 2 May 1974
8. Magazines:
    "Boys' Life"

9. Pictures