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District Advancement Chairmen Listing

• District Advancement Chairmen contact information


•Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook
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• Eagle Scout Rank Application
• Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges
• Eagle Scout Palm Application
• Scouting Forms From the National Council
Eagle Reference Letter Information Packet

Life to Eagle

• The 12 Steps from Life to Eagle
• Eagle Rank Requirements
• Chickasaw Council Eagle Scout Rank Application Guidelines
• Chickasaw Council Eagle Project Guidelines
• Selecting Leadership Service Projects
• Eagle Scout Rank Alternate Requirements
• Eagle Palm Requirements
• Eagle Project Ideas & Contacts


Chickasaw Council Letters of Reference Guidelines
• Reference Letter Request Form
• Reference Letter Cover Letter

Additional Resources

• BSA Advancement Policies & Procedures
• National BSA Website
• National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)

Scholarships for Eagles

• Scholarships Available to Eagle Scouts
• Scholarships for Eagle Scouts
• National Eagle Scout Association Scholarships
• Sons of the American Revolution Eagle Scholarships ($2000-$8000)
• American Legion -$10,000 Eagle Scholarship
• Institution Specific Scholarships
• Religious Scholarships
• Civic/Military Scholarships

Listing of Chickasaw Council Eagles

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NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA)