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Scout Salute to Public Service


The Memphis Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office award their 2015 Community Service Award to Sergeant Christopher Vaden

Community Service is a core value of every police officer. The mere fact officers come to work every day and work beyond the expectations of the average citizen in helping their fellow man and guiding the youth within these communities, which the officer may or may not belong after work, is a credit to every police officer. Sergeant Christopher Vaden goes far beyond these normal expectations of a police officer. Sergeant Vaden is dedicated to helping within the community by not only making it stronger for the present, but by teaching and mentoring young boys to be responsible, dependable members of society and to develop the leadership skills and self-reliance one will need in his adult life.

Sergeant Vaden started in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 2001 through the Memphis Police Department. He was assigned to Binghampton CoAct and part of the Weed and Seed Grant required the department to start a BSA Troop. He became the Scoutmaster of Troop 638 and served in that position until 2003 when he left the unit.

Vaden reentered Scouts in 2008 as an assistant den leader with Pack 452, Arlington, TN, before transferring to BSA Troop 450, Ellendale, TN. He joined as an assistant Scoutmaster and is currently serving in this capacity in the troop.

Sergeant Vaden is a Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is the BSA's Honor Society.

Sergeant Vaden spends over 1000 hours a year volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America. Vaden spends multiple weekend days camping and teaching merit badge classes. Vaden spends over two weeks of his vacation each year dedicating himself to the cause of bettering our communitie’s youth. Since Vaden's return to scouting in 2008, he has had a cumulative volunteering time of approximately 7000 hours of community service. Vaden has actively worked at recruiting others to volunteer. He often works at getting community leaders to speak to the boys on specific issues; one example is having Assistant United States Attorney Deb Ireland speak at the Boy Scout meetings regarding the dangers of the internet, proper uses, and protocols.

Sergeant Vaden receives no compensation for his volunteerism to the community. In a day when role models are hard to come by, Sergeant Vaden stands head and shoulders above the rest and sets a wonderful example for us all to follow.

The following is a list Sgt. Vaden's accomplishments
He has instructed around 75 scouts in Merit Badges.
He is currently a B.S.A. Level 1 Climbing Instructor.
He is a merit badge counselor for the following merit badges:
Art,  Camping,  Canoeing,  Chess,  Climbing,  Computers,  Crime Prevention,  Cycling,  Digital Technology,  Fingerprinting,  Geocaching,  Personal Fitness,  Programming,  Reptile and Amphibian Study,  Theater  

Training results for: Christopher Vaden Course
Code                     Course Name                                                                  Finish Date
A01                        New Leader Essentials                                                 05/01/2002
S24                       Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific Training                    05/01/2002
SFS                       Boy Scout Leader Fast Start                                          05/01/2002
S11                        Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills                                       05/01/2002
C70                       WEB Den Leader Fast Start                                           09/16/2008
C73                       WEB Tiger Cub Den Leader Fast Start                        09/16/2008
Y01                        Youth Protection Training                                               04/17/2011
WSFS                    Fast Start: Boy Scouting                                                 04/17/2011
WSFS                    WEB Boy Scout Leader Fast Start                                04/17/2011
WA01                    This is Scouting                                                                04/25/2011
SPW                      Physical Wellness                                                           07/26/2011
WS74                    Climb On Safely-ELearning                                           07/26/2011
S24                        Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific Training                   07/28/2011
S24                        Scoutmaster/Assistant Specific Training                   08/04/2011
SA                          Safety Afloat                                                                      10/10/2011
WS76                    Trek Safely                                                                        10/10/2011
SSD                       Safe Swim Defense                                                       10/10/2011
S75                        Climbing Instructor BSA (S75)                                     06/22/2012
CS31                     Cub Scout Archery Range Officer Training               10/04/2012  
CS32                     Cub Scout BB Gun Range Officer Training              10/04/2012
Y01                         Youth Protection Training                                             04/04/2013
WS74                     Climb On Safely                                                             05/12/2014
WS74                     Climb On Safely-ELearning                                          05/12/2014
S75                         Climbing Instructor BSA                                                06/20/2014
SSD                        Safe Swim Defense                                                       07/03/2014    

Soaring Eagles!


From Indianola, Mississippi, there are Eagle Soaring for miles across the Southern Region.  These Eagles are young men that are truly making a difference in their community, on their university campus and serving our country. 


Jerrell Robinson  


Victor Smith  


Marvin Elder II



Nicholas Hurst  


 Andrew Hurst

Seven young men began cub scouting together under a Cub master that is still active today, Mary Ann Taylor.  She had active and trained den leaders that helped these boys excel through the cub scouting program.  In 1999, Mary Ann crossed over these webelos into a new troop chartered by Raspberry United Methodist Church and led by Scoutmaster and son, Victor Smith. 

Eagles with all of their
den leaders from the pack.


Marvin, Victor & Lorenzo at KKSR

Victor and his assistants led these 6 boys along the trail to Eagle.  They participated in campouts, Camporees, weekly meetings, summer camp and even winter camp.  They participated in countless numbers of service hours throughout their years in Scouting. 

According to a study by Lou Harris & Associates, 98% of boys with 5 or more years of Scouting graduate from high school and 40% graduate from college.   Scouts, Jerrell Robinson, Victor Smith, II, Lorenzo Spencer, Andrew Hurst, Nicholas Hurst, Tamarius Roby and Marvin Elder were all awarded their Eagle Scout badges in March 2009, together just as they had started together in Cub Scouts.  These Eagle Scouts were the first African American Eagle Scouts in Indianola.  So where are these Eagle Scouts today?

Jerrell Robinson is a 2011 graduate of Mississippi College. He received a Bachelor of Science in Communication, with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Public Communication. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public and Corporate Communication. Jerrell is employed a sales and service representative with Brown Bottling Group. He also volunteers and works with Pack and Troop 51 of Jackson, Mississippi.

Victor Smith, II is a senior at Alcorn State University pursuing a degree in Biology with a concentration in Physical Therapy.  He currently has a 3.0 grade average and will graduate with honors in May.  Victor works as an assistant manager at Hibbett Sports.  He is also very active on campus and serves as President of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.  Victor wants to pursue a stronger educational background in order to be able to work in the school system to help motivate and mold young boys and girls someday.

Lorenzo Spencer, Jr is a graduate of Gentry High School.  He is currently a Disc Jockey with a real passion for music.  He is in training to be a member of the Indianola Fire Department.  When Lorenzo looks back through the years, he remembers that his fellow scouts became much more than that.  They became brothers and learned how to care for each other.  Lorenzo wants to help others and give back to an organization that has given him so much. 

Marvin Elder, II is currently a senior at Mississippi Valley State University.  He will graduate in May and plans to go to graduate school and pursue a Master’s degree in Education.  Marvin is very active on campus and serves as the University’s SGA President.  He has also served as MVSU Choir President and Vice-President, Valley Singers President, and Recording Secretary and Chair for his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. 

Nicholas Hurst is currently a junior at Mississippi Valley State University, Majoring in Applied Technology and Technolgy Management.  He has a 3.5 grade point average.  Nicholas is also very busy on campus serving as the SGA Representative.  He is also the treasurer for his fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma.  Nicholas plans on graduating in May 2014 and attending graduate school.

Andrew Hurst is currently working on a MFA in Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.  Andrew is pursuing his dream of working at a design firm or publishing comics around the Atlanta area.

Tamarius Roby graduated from high school and joined the United States Army National Guard.  Being an Eagle Scout, automatically advanced him in rank and pay.  He has been promoted through the past several years in the National Army.  He is currently a successful recruiter for the National Guard.

Each of these 7 Eagle Scouts are making their mark on their community, on their campus and serving our country. Through Scouting, they have learned about commitment and hard work.  More importantly, they all live daily by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  As a result, all seven of these Eagles Scouts plan on giving back as a volunteer to the Boy Scouts of America.       


Marvin Elder, Victor Smith, Lorenzo Spencer, Andrew Hurst, Nicholas Hurst
Tamarius Roby standing in the back