Delta Golf Classic


On September 4th, 2014, the Chickasaw Council, Boy Scouts of America held their 8th Annual Delta Golf Classic presented by Delta Group and Mid-South Ag Equipment Inc. at the Cleveland Country Club. Nearly 100 golfers from all over the Delta participated in the 4-man shamble to help raise a record of $30,000 to support Scouting programs.   

The Delta Golf Classic would like to congratulate the tournament winners at Thursday’s event. 
Championship flight:

  • 1st place – Tyler Cannon, Colby Spradling, Jay Mitchell and Wade Henderson 
  • 2nd Place – Billy Nowell, HL Dilworth, James Glorioso and Boy Eley
  • 3rd Place – Pearman Smith, Reed Lindsey, John Hester and Ken Mullins

1st flight:

  • 1st Place -  Jeff Lusk, Elvin Yawn, Chance Robinson and Jack Langley
  • 2nd Place – Edward Kossman, Jay Burchfield, Tom Janoush and Ken McGarh
  • 3rd Place – Chris Williams, Brett Marchant, Ronnie Sellers and Rob Taylor

2nd Flight:

  • 1st Place – Judson Brown, Robert Ed Connell, Cliff Burd and William Tindell
  • 2nd Place – Alan Sims, Brad Pugh, Walt Stephens and Dave Smith
  • 3rd Place – Julian Hardy, Josh Morgan, Alen Burchfield and Lee Havens

Closest to the Pin – Reed Lindsey                  Longest Drive – Robert Ed Connell

There were many Local companies supporting the tournament with major sponsorships: (Title) Delta Group and Mid-South Ag Equipment Inc., (Shirt) Bolivar Medical Center, (Lunch) Robinson Electric Co., (Reception) Sturdivant Brother, (Cart) North Sunflower Medical Center, (Towel) Northwest MS Regional Medical Center,  (Awards) The Image Specialist Co of MS and Southern Duplicating of MS, (Hole In One) Cannon Motor Group, (longest Drive) Cleveland Medical Clinic and  (Closet to the Pin) Wells Fargo Advisors.

Thanks to the generosity of participants and companies attending the tournament, the proceeds will be used to help establish scholarships for all youth to have a great outdoor learning experience.  It is the dedication and effort of the participants that enables the Chickasaw Council to deliver outdoor programs to many young men that would never have the opportunity to experience scouting otherwise.  

Championship Flight:
1st Place - Cannon Ford

First Flight:
1st Place -
The Image Specialist Co. of MS &
Southern Duplicating of MS

Second Flight:
1st Place -  Brown Brothers


By MC3 Tyler Fraser
Navy Recruiting Command Public Affairs  

MILLINGTON, Tenn. - Eagle Scouts from the Memphis, Tenn., area visited Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) March 27 as part of the Chickasaw Council's Eagle Day ceremony.  

The Chickasaw Council serves youth in the Mid-South covering 17 counties. Eagle Day is an event where Eagle Scouts of the Chickasaw Council have the opportunity to participate in a breakfast, a job shadowing program of their choice and honored that evening at a banquet.  

Three Eagle Scouts chose NRC as their job shadowing program because all three showed an interest in joining a branch of the military.  

"I wanted to find out information about the Navy," said Jonah Dieckhaus, an Eagle Scout from troop 14. "I wanted to know all the possibilities the Navy has to offer."  

The visit started with the Eagle Scouts receiving awards for the achievement of making Eagle Scout from Capt. Norberto Nobrega, NRC chief of staff. After the award ceremony, the Eagle Scouts took a tour of NRC and talked with Sailors about what a career in the Navy is like.  

Sailors from NRC came to talk to the Eagle Scouts about the Navy's nuclear program, officer program, medical program, special warfare program and general questions the Eagle Scouts had about the Navy.  

The Sailors explained that there are many things to be gained from the Navy.  

"I have acquired a great amount of knowledge and travel because of the Navy," said Chief Navy Counselor Ronald Leyvas, NRC active programs program manager. "It's a great opportunity for a career."  

In addition to what you gain in the navy, the opportunity to see the world gives you and unique perspective.  

"There are some places you will go to that will really make you appreciate what you have," said Special Warfare Boat Operator 1st Class Edward Dail, naval special warfare/naval special operations liaison to NRC. "It really opens your eyes to the world."  

Sailors also gave information to the Eagle Scouts regarding education, scholarships and life in the Navy.  

"If education is a goal of yours, you can absolutely achieve it with the Navy," said Master Chief Navy Counselor Adam Carleton, NRC officer programs chief recruiter. "The Navy will work with you to go to school."  

The Eagle Scouts who participated in the visit say they learned a lot about the Navy and were pleased to have come to NRC.  

"This visit has showed me that the Navy is like a community," said Dieckhaus. "Today showed me that the military can have a family type feeling."  

The Eagle Scouts were also able to see common ground between life as a scout and life as a Sailor.  

"I learned that there are lots of similarities between the Navy and being an Eagle Scout," said Christopher Biles, an Eagle Scout from troop 567. "They both required a great amount of leadership, determination and responsibility."  

Only about five percent of all Boy Scouts make it to the rank of Eagle Scout. Because of this achievement, it is important for Navy recruiters to consider Eagle Scouts when recruiting.  

"Their accomplishment as an Eagle Scout already proves they have the leadership it takes to join the Navy," said Carleton. "These are the skills the Navy looks for in Future Sailors."  

The training and experiences that Eagle Scouts gain from their time as a scout are very similar to training and experience Sailors get in the Navy.  

"Eagle Scouts are important to recruiting because they are exactly the type of person the Navy is looking for," said Capt. Mitch Stubblefield, Navy Personnel Command engineering duty detailer and den leader involved with scout pack 455. "They have the discipline, they have worked through the ranks, they have the character and they have the determination."  

Stubblefield said if recruiters want to get in touch with Eagle Scouts, it is an easy thing to do.  

"Recruiters should start with the council," said Stubblefield. "After talking with the council they can give you individual troops to talk to Scouts."  
For more Navy recruiting news, visit  





CS2N Offers Free Resources to Earn Robotics Badge

CS2N, or Computer Science Student Network, has partnered with the BSA to offer free training and resources specifically for Scouts earning the Robotics merit badge. Scouts can download a 60-day copy of the Robot Virtual World Software to complete the Robotics merit badge.

In addition, there is a CS2N course specifically designed for Scouts and leaders to help boys earn the badge. For access to all the training material and software, visit

There you’ll find a variety of tools and resources for our Scouting community, including:
Teacher resources for Scout leadersHow-to videos
Fun, interactive games and activities
Learning opportunities

CS2N resources are also designed to support the upcoming Computer Science Programming merit badge. Starting in October, you’ll be able to use the CS2N infrastructure to develop your own themed storytelling and animation or Web development activities.

CS2N also supports our merit badge counselors by offering classes on an as-needed basis using WebEx distance learning technology. If you are interested in participating in a class, please send them a note.  




Community Foundation Scholarships

The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, established in 1969, is a collection of funds contributed by individuals, corporations, and organizations to benefit this community. The foundation administers a variety of scholarship funds for students attending post-secondary institutions of higher learning.

They need help identifying students who would qualify and benefit from scholarship assistance. Please take a moment to review the scholarship summary, and encourage eligible students to apply. Feel free to make additional copies as needed. In addition, students and their parents can access scholarship information on our website at

Applications for the Don Poier Memorial Scholarship are due Monday, March 3, 2014. All other scholarship applications are due Tuesday, April l, 2014, at 5pm.