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Occasionally, Scouting gets local media coverage. Below is a list of what we are aware of. If you know of some coverage we aren't aware of and have it to share, please let us know by contacting the Chickasaw Council's Marketing and Development Director, Maryann Edgington at 901-327-4193 or

Why Should You Donate to the Friends of Scouting Campaign?

By:  Danny Van Horn

I often hear seasoned Scouters ask why they should donate to the Friends of Scouting Campaign.  Sometimes it is couched in terms of what does my unit get from the Council?  Here’s my answer:
  • First, are you aware that all of our units could not exist without the Council?  The annual re-charter dues each Scout and each unit pays in December goes exclusively to the National Council (Dallas/Ft. Worth).  None of that goes to the Chickasaw Council.  Yet, all of the expense of maintaining advancement, training, and membership records falls on the Chickasaw Council.  Your unit and mine could not exist without those membership, advancement, and training records being maintained and updated.  That service to our units is often not obvious and it may not be exciting but it is necessary to all of our units.
  • Second, Camp Currier is free to all our units to use.  The entire cost of Currier is borne by the Council.  We are very proud of Currier and are continuing to make it even better.  We need your support.  If you have camped at Currier, you have a reason to support Friends of Scouting.
  • Third, the Council puts on or supports in a significant way special events like Akela Cub, the Centennial Celebrations, University of Scouting, the Eagle Day Banquet, the Silver Beaver Banquet, and various training events like Wood Badge, NYLT, BALOO, IOLS, etc.  These events are of a real value to our units, leaders and Scouts.  Certainly there are dedicated volunteers involved in these efforts but these would not happen without significant support from the Council.
  • Fourth, only the Council can really grow Scouting to the thousands of kids who desperately need Scouting.  We currently serve around 7,000 kids.  There are another 151,000 age-eligible youth in our Council.  Those 151,000 kids come from every socioeconomic background and every race.  They are inner city kids.  They are rural kids.  They are kids in the suburbs.  I know you believe in Scouting and the power it has to transform lives.  Scouting is the answer to all of the problems our communities face.  If we had more Scouts and more units, we’d have better communities.  That impacts each and every one of us.  There are surely a few units who could take more kids.  We will certainly start there as we grow Scouting.  However, our current units simply cannot take all of the kids who want and need Scouting.  We will have to start new units to serve these kids.  That’s something only the Council can really do and unfortunately it is costly to start new units.  New units have gear needs.  They need more support than established units.  The two things limiting our growth are volunteers dedicated to the effort and dollars to support that effort.  We can, should, and must grow and that means dollars to support Friends of Scouting.  A Scout is helpful and friendly.  Help us extend Scouting to the 151,000 kids who need us.
Your Council Board has worked very hard over recent years to cut our expenses and cut them again and again.  We’ve done all of the cutting we can. There is no more room for cuts.  We will not grow our way to prosperity and sustainability through more cuts.  We have to grow our financial support.  We’re working very hard on that so that we can serve our existing units even better and so that we can grow Scouting.
We get our financial support through essentially five pots of money:  popcorn sales, camp cards, Friends of Scouting, large grants, and some events/programming.  Of those pots of money, Friends of Scouting, grants, and popcorn dwarf the other two.  We’ve looked at other options for fundraisers but none raise the money that popcorn does.  I share this information with you to help you understand that if your unit is one which chooses not to sell popcorn, that means we need your unit to do more in Friends of Scouting and more in camp cards.   
Lastly, we often talk in terms of the “the Council” as if the Council is some other group of people.  The Council is you and I.  We are the Council.  I promise that we will work to communicate better and to reestablish bonds that might have been broken over the years.  I’m asking for your help back.  My sincere hope is that every single family in Scouting will support the Council in whatever way they can:  their time, their prayers, and certainly whatever financial support they can give.
Charity does begin at home so please support your own unit first but leave some room to support the Council and all that we do for you and your unit and all that we can and must do together.
To support the Friends of Scouting Campaign, please donate at: 
Thank you.

Help Your Unit While Helping the Council:  FOS Rebate Program

As an incentive to increase the number of our Scouting families who donate anything to the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign, this year we are offering a rebate program that could mean real dollars going right back to your unit.  Here’s how it works:

  • If at least 50% of the families who are registered with your unit at charter renewal make a donation of any kind to the Friends of Scouting campaign by February 23, 2017, then your unit will be given a 5% rebate on the actual dollars collected from donations made by the families in your unit.
  • If at least 75% of the families who are registered with your unit at charter renewal make a donation of any kind to the Friends of Scouting campaign by May 1, 2017, then your unit will be given a 7% rebate on the actual dollars collected from donations made by the families in your unit.

The rebates will be calculated and paid in December 2017 based on actual dollars received by December 1, 2017 (pledged but not paid will not count).  If your unit has Council Board members in it, their donations count at the Council level but all other family level donations will be used to calculate the rebate. The more money the families in your unit give, the more the rebate check will be.

The goal of this rebate program is to increase the number of our Scouting families who donate anything to Scouting.  We have more than 6,000 families and more than 7,000 Scouts in the Chickasaw Council.  Currently, a low percentage of our families donate anything to support the Council.  If those 6,000 families donated $10 a month it would mean approximately $720,000 a year to support Scouting in our area.

How do we track donations to your unit?  If you make a donation or pledge via a check or an old fashioned pledge card, make sure to write your unit number on it.  Better yet, go to: 

That site has a built in function where you can record your unit’s number when a donation is made and you can schedule a regular monthly donation to spread your donation out over the course of the year.

Please help your unit while helping Scouting in our entire council.



Organization’s Focus on Character Development Critical-Thinking Skills Create Long-Term Value

MEMPHIS, December 9, 2016 – Today, GP Memphis Cellulose donated $1,250 to the Chickasaw Council 558 Boy Scouts of America. The donation supports program development and Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) initiative implementation.

“Scouting’s focus on building good character, developing new skills, and learning to adapt to change are long-term drivers for workforce development,” said Chuck LaPorte, Memphis Cellulose Mill Manager.  “While young people are learning new skills, they often receive achievement badges that help to incentivize them to master certain skills and crafts, demonstrate innovation, and many scouts gain an early appreciation and ability to cope with being outdoors for extended periods of time regardless of the weather conditions. The ability to adapt to change is helpful for all types of jobs, especially in manufacturing which may not always afford them opportunities to consistently work inside a temperature-controlled office.”

Locally, GP Memphis Cellulose has supported the Chickasaw Council for several years consistent with its commitment to helping create the greatest value in the community. By year end, Memphis Cellulose and the Cellulose Technology & Innovation Center will have contributed more than a million dollars in direct and in-kind donations to local charitable organizations since GP acquired the former Buckeye Technologies in 2013.

“Over the last year we’ve introduced NOVA and Super NOVA, STEM related activities to Scouts in our area. That’s in addition to merit badges that expose our Scouts to topics like: atomic energy; chemistry; digital technology; engineering; inventing; nuclear science; along with soil and water conservation,” said Richard Fisher, Scout Executive/CEO, Chickasaw Council Boy Scouts of America. “Scouting is preparing young men and women for higher education, the work force and most importantly, to be helpful contributing members of the communities they live and work in. We are making a difference thanks to your support.    

2016 Popcorn Prize Substitution

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March 12, 2016
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February 10, 2014

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“The Spark” on WKNO-TV Looks at Scouting in the Mid-South   In this month’s episode of the monthly series The Spark, premiering Thursday, February 20 at 9:00 p.m., host Jeremy Park meets with three Memphis professionals to discuss scouting in the Mid-South. A co-production of WKNO with Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club (LPBC) and Media Source, The Spark airs the third Thursday of each month on WKNO/Channel 10.
















The Spark is a monthly 30-minute series about business and community leaders who are fueling change by giving back to the Mid-South. Each month we showcase several of these hometown heroes who are affecting change and leading by example. Major funding is provided by Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, Data Facts, and State Systems, Inc., with additional funding from Baptist Memorial Health Care and Christian Brothers University.  
















This month, host Jeremy Park sits down with Richard Fisher, Scout Executive/Chief Executive Officer of the Chickasaw Council of the Boy Scouts of America; Angela Woods, former CEO of the Girl Scouts Heart of the South; and Bob McBride, President of State Systems, Inc., to discuss how scouting plays a role in the Mid-South youth community.  
















Fisher demonstrates how the Chickasaw Council is impacting more than 14,000 youth across 17 counties here in the Mid-South through their local programs and more than 3,500 volunteers. He highlights how the Boy Scouts of America is much more than camping, swimming, challenge courses, learning knots, earning merit badges, and selling popcorn. The organization is teaching youth to lead by example and understand the importance of community service with opportunities to dream big and try new adventures. Fisher highlights some of the updates and renovations taking place with area campsites and also talks about ScoutReach, which is helping inner-city youth, who normally would not have access to Scouting, become engaged and enjoy the benefits of the programs.            
















Angela Woods discusses how the Girl Scouts Heart of the South is building girls of courage, confidence, and character who are helping to make the world a better place. The organization serves 59 counties with more than 13,500 girls participating, and more than 4,000 girls in Greater Memphis. Woods highlights their five key program areas and how they are helping girls discover themselves and their values, connect with others, and take action. She also talks about their famous cookies and their new anti-bullying education initiative.  
















Bob McBride shares how his locally-owned company that focuses on protecting life and property also gives back to our community. McBride details the history of State Systems, Inc. and some of their business lines, like Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguisher testing, inspection, service and installation, along with structured cabling, fire sprinklers, and video hosting solutions. He discusses his family’s tie to both Boy Scouts of America Chickasaw Council and Girl Scouts Heart of the South. McBride also highlights some of his company’s other philanthropic efforts, like their partnership with The Exchange Club Family Center.        
















The Spark airs Thursday, February 20 at 9:00 p.m. and repeats at 2:00 a.m. on WKNO/Channel 10. It also airs Saturday, February 22 at 2:30 p.m. and Sunday, February 23 at 10:00 a.m. on WKNO. It will repeat Saturday, February 22 at 3:30 p.m. on WKNO2, available over the air on Channel 10.2 and on Comcast Cable Channel 910.  
















About The Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club
The Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club is a privately-funded catalyst for the Mid-South, serving to enrich business leaders and impact the community. The organization hosts over 100 events each year, including a Signature Breakfast Series that brings together 400 business and community leaders who shape the Mid-South.  
















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Media Source is a full-service corporate and broadcast television production firm based in Memphis, and was founded by Joe Incardona after his career as an award-winning on-air reporter for KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City and WREG-TV in Memphis.  
















The company also provides local and national media monitoring services to a host of corporate and non-profit organizations nationwide.  
















Among its television production credits, Media Source has produced broadcast material for ABC News, PBS, CBS “60 Minutes,” CNN, CNBC, TV One, and national TV networks in Germany, Austria, Japan, and France. In addition, the firm has produced local broadcast TV shows and segments for Memphis Light, Gas, and Water, and Methodist Healthcare.  Corporate television clients have included Baptist Memorial Health Care, Hilton Worldwide, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, Power & Tel, Cspire Wireless, and the City of Memphis.  
















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