Internet Rechartering Process

To help make rechartering more convenient and less time-consuming, the Chickasaw Council offers internet rechartering as a service for all our Scouting units. To help the process go smoothly, a tutorial and extensive help directory are also available.

Help Directory


The Access Code needed for Internet Rechartering will be emailed to each unit leader and Committee Chairperson.  The Internet Recharter website will only be available from October 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017.  Leaders who prefer the traditional method will need to contact the Scout Office, 901-327-4196 or, for the printed roster and forms.  Those forms can be picked up, mailed, or e-mailed. 

Note: You must be running Internet Explorer and the Windows operating system for the program to work correctly - it will not run on the Mac operating system.

The fees will remain the same for youth and leaders:

Registration                        $24.00 for 12 months
Boys’ Life                             $12.00 for 12 months
Charter Fee                         $40.00 per unit

Before beginning Internet Rechartering, collect all member information, including new member forms with the appropriate signatures. Be sure to select the "First Time USer" button to set up the account. To complete the process, you must be connected to a printer to print the final report for signature. 


The roster can be updated online to include any new registrations.  It is also an opportunity to update personal information – address, phone, e-mail, etc.  Upon completion, the printout will list those who need to submit applications and those who need to update their Youth Protection Training.


The traditional users will get a copy of the renewal roster to mark off the names of those who are not to be renewed and update information of those who are remaining.  Applications will be needed for everyone to be added to the roster. 


Youth Protection Training is still required for all new leaders and must be updated every two years for leaders who want to remain active in a unit.  Leaders who do not provide verification of this training will not be renewed.


Link to Internet Rechartering

Internet Rechartering

Forms to be completed and submitted
with the signed Recharter Roster

Required (Green Sheets)

Annual Charter Agreement
Journey to Excellence    

Optional (Pink Sheets)

Meeting Place Inspection Checklist
Unit Budget Plan
Troop Order of the Arrow Unit Registration Form
Youth Protection Training


To be considered on time, the signed paperwork needs to be submitted with payment at December Roundtable.