Unit Fundraising



Every Scouting unit needs the same four legs to serve as the foundation for a great adventure: Awesome programming, excited boys, trained leaders and adequate funding.


Scouting teaches boys to take advantage of the resources available to them.  Therefore, the Chickasaw Council has partnered with Trails-End Popcorn to put together the most profitable, marketable and exciting annual sales program.  The most successful and tenured units in the nation sell popcorn.  


If your unit chooses to raise funds with a project other than selling popcorn, the unit must complete and submit to the Chickasaw Council for approval, the Unit Money Earning Application. This national form ensures that all fundraising projects adhere to the rules and guidelines of the BSA and allows the council to answer any questions they might receive about the fundraiser from the public.


Some quick facts about unit fundraising

·         Your unit is not a 501(c)3 and therefore is prohibited from receiving tax-deductable gifts.  The Chickasaw Council can NOT provide you with a tax-ID #, this must be obtained from your Chartering Organization.

·         Your fundraising project must have a goal and a purpose.

·         Boys are NOT allowed to wear Scout uniforms while conducting a fundraising project.

·         Your chartering organization must be aware of and approve of your fundraiser.


You can mail, scan or fax your application to the Chickasaw Council 2 weeks prior to your event.