Ways to Volunteer

There are many ways to support Scouting in the Mid-South, including volunteering your time, talent or treasure. You know what best your talents are, what time you have to commit, and funds. You don't have to wear a uniform or even work directly with young people in order to have a direct impact on the Scouting program. While the most identifiable, and certainly the most important asset to youth is the uniformed volunteer leader, there are many ways that parents, alumni and friends can have a direct impact on the delivery of the program.


Ever been interested in leading a group, organizing a group, or motivating people? Maybe working directly with a district or a unit might be for you... Possibly standing on a council committee or working directly with youth are what you're best suited for. If you would like to volunteer your time, contact The Chickasaw Council today, and/or the District Executive in your area.


Everyone has specific skills, or talents. Maybe you're great with kids or have a skill to share with them or ability to teach them. Maybe your professional skills are ones to share, like photography? Even a pilot can lend his talent by becoming involved with our Eagle Scout program, by allowing one of our exceptional Scouts the opportunity to shadow you for a day. Consider donating your talents by contacting The Chickasaw Council today, and/or the District Executive in your area.


All great campfires have plenty of wood to keep them going. Likewise, the Chickasaw Council will continue to grow brightly for the next 100 years with the generous financial support of our friends, families and alumni. Click here to keep the campfires burning.

To speak with someone further, contact the Chickasaw Council Director of Field Services, Kevin Litt at kevin.litt@scouting.org or 901-327-4193.